Driver Installation

Install for 64-bit Windows Vista/7/8/10

1. SWDriver64 installation is ok with or without spectrometer attached via USB.

2. Select my computer à properties to verify you have a 64-bit operating system.

3. Download SWDriver64.exe driver

4. Save the file to your desktop

5. Right click on the SWDriver64.exe icon on your desktop and choose to “Run as administrator”

6. A command prompt will pop up and look like there is an error message but it is normal if it looks like the image below:

7. Now you need to open Windows Explorer

8. Right click on the start menu and choose “Open Windows Explorer”

9. In the left-hand panel, scroll down to the C: drive and left click on it to display its contents in the right-hand panel

10. There should be a folder called SWDriver64

11. Open this folder

12. Right click on Install-SWDriver64.bat

13. Choose “Run as administrator”

14. If the spectrometer is not plugged in when you run this file, it will say this: