Installation Tutorial – Windows

  1. Download the StellarPro installation media by visiting and registering for software download. Once you have registered online, you will be redirected to a downloads page where you can download the StellarPro_Setup.exe installation file. You will also receive an email with many download links, one of these links is to this file. All users should fill out the registration to receive the software.
  2. Navigate to the downloads folder and right click on StellarPro_Setup.exe and choose “Run as administrator” . If you do not run as administrator, Windows may choose to block some components of the installation. Reach out to your IT department for assistance in gaining permission.
  3. Next a window may pop up warning that Windows did not recognize the publisher.
  4. Choose More info and then Run anyway.
  5. Next, a yellow Windows prompt may appear asking permission to run the program; choose yes.
  6. The License Agreement will appear next. Read the agreement and choose “I Agree” to continue.
  7. A window will appear allowing you to choose which components will be installed. It is recommended that you chose all 3 components.
  8. The next stage will allow you to select which folder the program will be installed in. We recommend that you stick with the default location and choose “Install”
  9. The program’s green progress bar will move towards the right until complete.
  10. A warning message may appear, click okay and continue. Do not worry about this message. Click okay and move on to the next step.
  11. When the process has completed, choose “Close”. Congratulations! You have installed the software.
  12. Now look towards the Desktop: two new icons will appear on your desktop.
    1. StellarPro is a fully featured spectroscopy suite with user account access controls and advanced spectroscopy applications for haze, thin-film analysis, radiometry, colorimetry, Raman spectroscopy, spectral library search, ChemWiz multivariate chemometric analysis, absorbance, reflectance/transmittance, etc.
    2. SpectraWiz is a fully featured spectroscopy suite using our legacy Windows DLL and spectroscopy applications for radiometry, colorimetry, Raman spectroscopy, spectral library search, multivariate chemometric analysis, absorbance, reflectance/transmittance, LIBS, Spectral ID, and ChemWiz PLS modeling.
      1. If you do not want your end users to use SpectraWiz, delete this shortcut from your desktop. 
      2. Because SpectraWiz uses a Windows DLL and StellarPro uses a Python based driver, there is a toggle button on the StellarPro login page to allow SpectraWiz to work. 
  13. Right click on the StellarPro icon and choose Run as administrator. If there is a yellow and blue administrative access shield over the StellarPro icon, you can double click on the icon.
  14. Another yellow UAC prompt will appear: Choose Yes.
  15. A StellarNet, Inc. splash-screen will appear with a stream of loading files flashing across the upper left-hand corner of the image. Patiently wait for the program to load. Typical load time is 30-60 seconds.
  16. A Login page will appear