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StellarNet Downloads

SpectraWiz® Spectroscopy Softwarewizardwithlambdacut

File Description Requires Password/ License
SWUpdate.exe SpectraWiz® software UPDATE applies to any Windows version. SWUpdate also updates older versions of SpectraWiz® to newest version. (Update will automatically install based on your computer OS). Click on this self extracting file to apply SpectraWiz version 5.33  – October 2014.*** Older versions of SpectraWiz may select this option to update to current version Go to Download Form SpectraWiz® USB spectrometer drivers for Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit – install doc inside Go to Download Form
SWDriver64.exe Download 64bit signed driver ->requires Run as administrator  [c:\SWDriver64\Install-SWDriver64] Go to Download Form
SW-Drivers Beta New! Oct 2017- StellarNet Drivers and Spectrometer Firmware for long integration time (8 minutes). Go to Download Form

*Note: StellarNet drivers MUST be properly installed before installation of SpectraWiz

*Instructions for Spectrometer Installation + SWDriver64 readme

* Win 7 & VISTA installation require right click “Run as Administrator” for executables

SpectraWiz® LabVIEW Software

File Description SpectraWiz® spectroscopy programs for National Instruments LabVIEW version 8.X All executables will place the corresponding program into your SpectraWiz Directory Some programs require a password or submitted customer license agreement- contact us Requires Password/ License
SpectraWiz-LV-Init,Read,Close.llb The StellarNet Init, Read, is a general-purpose subVI for programming episodic spectral readings in LabVIEW.  The program initializes the instrument, aquires the spectrum, and checks for error information from the .dll during the scan process.  PDF Document Request FREE License
SpectraWiz LabVIEW Demo Source Code SpectraWiz® full spectroscopy program for National Instruments LabVIEW version 8.X.  Full spectrum absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, emissions, and trend channels. Request FREE License
SpectraWiz LabVIEW Multichannel with NI Runtime.exe SpectraWiz® multi-channel spectroscopy program compiled with LabVIEW’s runtime installer (does not require LabVIEW).  Performs scope (raw data), absorbance, transmittance, radiometry, and also has trend channel to monitor specific wavelengths over time Request FREE License
SpectraWiz LabVIEW Multichannel SpectraWiz® multi-channel spectroscopy program and block diagram.  Performs scope (raw data), absorbance, transmittance, radiometry, and also has trend channels to monitor specific wavelengths over time. Request Purchase
New handheld options also available, like our StellarRAD SpectroRadiometer
Check it out!

New Interchangeable slit upgrade available for SILVER-Nova, Raman-HR-TEC, & HR Spectrometers.
Learn More

New Pro-Tools Software creates interactive multi-spectrum plots, tons of options for spectral processing, & even spectral acquisition
Check it out!

SpectraWiz® VBA Software for MS Excel

File (self extracting Zip files extract to SpectraWiz Directory) Description Requires Password/ License
SpectraWiz VBA v2.exe VBA source code program for MS Excel to instantly grab & graph spectral data  from spectrometer (SWDLL). The program includes simple spectroscopy applications such as absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, and Radiometry. Request FREE License
SpectraWiz VBA- NIST-CRI.exe VBA source code demo program for MS Excel to instantly grab & graph data from spectrometer (SWDLL). CRI & CQS calculations are performed in a comprehensive spreadsheet written by the folks at NIST. We’ll send you our free modified version that reads StellarNet spectrometers Request FREE License

Demo Source Codes and Programs

File Description Requires Password/ License
SwDemo.exe SpectraWiz® demo OEM program code written in Pascal that compiles using Delphi.  Allows programmers to easily develop their own programs. Includes utility to extract EPISODIC data to spreadsheets for full spectrum time series. Click here for: Video Demonstrations of StellarNet Software Request FREE License
CS Demo program source project for C Sharp compiler Request FREE License Demo program source project for SDK compiler Request FREE License
SWzDOS.exe SpectraWiz®  Dos spectrometer software for EPP2000 and ISA2000. Request FREE License


File Spectrometers
BLACK-Comet SPEC BLACK-Comet Concave Grating Spectrometers
BLACK-Comet-SR SPEC Super Range Concave Grating Spectrometers
GREEN-Wave SPEC GREEN-Wave Spectrometers  ***New with 15 models to choose from***
Blue-Wave SPEC BLUE-Wave Spectrometers  ***New with 15 models to choose from***
RED-Wave-NIR SPEC RED-Wave-NIR InGaAs portable spectrometers
RED-Wave-NIRX-SR SPEC RED-Wave-NIRX-SR extended range NIR InGaAs portable spectrometers
Dual DSR SPEC Dual DSR Portable Spectrometers        
StellarNetSpectros.pdf Portable and Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Spectrometer Instrumentation
Popular Configurations
SpectroColorimeters SPEC sheet for SpectroColorimeter Systems
SpectroRadiometers SPEC sheet for SpectroRadiometer systems
Thin Film  Measurement SPEC Thin Film & Optical Measurement Systems
Thin Film Companion SPEC ThinFilmCompanion Software Measures Multilayer Film Structures
SpectroChemistry Systems SPEC SpectroChemistry Systems
SpectroFluorometer Systems SPEC SpectroFluorometer Systems
Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyzers SPEC Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyzers
Light Sources
SL1 SPEC Tungsten Halogen
SL2 SPEC Mercury Argon Calibration Lamp
SL3 SPEC Deuterium Light
SL4 SPEC Combination Deuterium Halogen Light manufactured by Hammamatsu
SL5 SPEC Deuterium Halogen Combination               
Fiber Optic Cables SPEC Fiber optic cables available in 400, 600, 1000um diameter cores
Lens Coupler SPEC lenses
R400 SPEC Reflectance Probes
RFX SPEC Reflectance Fixtures
TXF1 SPEC Transmission Fixtures
TXF-3 SPEC Adjustable Transmission Fixtures       
CUV SPEC Cuvette Holders
DP400 SPEC Dip Probes 
Battery Pack Options SPEC Battery Pack Options
Cosine Receptors SPEC Cosine Receptors
Integrating Spheres SPEC Integrating Spheres
Calibrations and Services
Irradiance Calibrations SPEC NIST traceable irradiance calibrations (IRRAD-CALS)
StellarNetSoftware.pdf SpectraWiz integrates powerful spectroscopy measurement apps included free
StellarNetSoft-VBLV.pdf SpectraWiz  software for LabVIEW and Excel + VBA included free
SWDLLdoc.txt SpectraWiz DLL driver programming interface documentation
Documents and Manuals
StellarNetCatalogue.pdf A comprehensive catalogue of StellarNet products, specifications, and diagrams Spectrometers, FO Accessories – Light sources, probes, cuvettes, spheres, lenses >> CATALOG 14MB – has everything
SpectroSetups.pdf StellarNet Spectrometer Measurement Setup diagrams
StellarNet Comparision White Paper Outline of differences in robustness, durability, and research quality of StellarNet spectrometers with leading competitors
StellarNet Manual User’s Manual for all StellarNet spectrometers Call StellarNet to obtain extraction password! White Paper for the BLACK-Comet Concave grating

Detector Technical Specifications

File Description
ILX511.pdf Sony ILX511 CCD detector 2048 pixels 14um wide by 200um tall
TCD1201D.pdf Toshiba TCD1201D PDA detector 2048 pixels 14um wide by 200um tall
S7011.pdf Hamamatsu cooled CCD detector 1024 pixels 24um x 24um x 62 tall = 1488um tall
InGaAs512.pdf InGaAs Linear Photodiode Array – cooled PDA detector 512 pixels 25um x 500um tall
InGaAs1024.pdf InGaAs Linear Photodiode Array – cooled PDA detector 1024 pixels 25um x 500um tall