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Modular SpectroChemistry Systems

Fluorescence – Raman – UV-VIS & NIR Absorbance

Introducing the StellarLAB

StellarNet announces the opening of our new StellarLAB, Spectroscopy Lounge and Laboratory. This new 2,000 sqft hi-tech space is dedicated to the science of spectroscopy and customer application development and demonstration.

StellarNet, Inc. is a Global provider of low cost compact spectrometers, systems, and software for product analysis, research, education, and OEM.  StellarNet instrumentation is research grade and rugged for any environment – lab, process, or field.

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Compact Spectrometer Technologies



Near Infrared



532, 785, 1064nm


low cost / simple interface

StellarNet Releases New StellarElite™ High Performance Spectrometers

StellarNet is proud to offer StellarElite™, our new elite line of high performance spectrometer systems. StellarElite Systems offer up to 10x optical gain, ultra sensitive detectors, and options for auto-mapping microscopy! StellarElite offers high performance at an affordable price and are considered a tier above StellarNet’s famous BLUE-Wave and BLACK-Comet. New spectrometers in our elite line are the Quasar, HYPER-Nova, and Quasar-UltraCool.

Modular Spectrometer Systems


Light Measurement

Color Measurement

Raman Systems

Learn About Popular Light Measurement Applications

This Month’s Featured Analyzer

ChemWiz-ADK™ NIR Feed and Pet Food Analyzers

Handheld, Lab, and Process Instruments for %Fat, Moisture, Protein & Ash

StellarNet’s application division, Analyzers for Industry, provides a variety of rugged and portable analyzer systems that solve a wide range of analytical needs across many industries. Our analyzers are real-time rapid (several seconds per scan), easy to use, accurate, and reliable.  Our analyzers integrate our own spectrometer OEM engines and use our years of technical and application experience to provide your company a competitive advantage in your industry.


The 2024 Solar Eclipse with StellarNet

The 2024 Solar Eclipse with StellarNet

Witnessing Monday's total solar eclipse was an absolutely incredible experience! Where we are in Florida, we had about 60% blockage so it was only a partial solar eclipse, but there were still cool sightings and measurements taken. For a few hours, we were able to go...

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StellarNet Spectroscopy Pi Day 2024

StellarNet Spectroscopy Pi Day 2024

National Pi Day, celebrated on March 14th (3/14), honors the mathematical constant π (pi), which is approximately 3.14159. Pi is fundamental in mathematics, representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. While Pi Day primarily celebrates...

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StellarNet Online Shop  shopping cart2

Our online shop allows you to purchase instrumentation in seconds. Most items are available “In Stock” and we offer expedited deliveries. Not only are spectrometers, light sources, and accessories available, but in addition our Technical Sales team has preconfigured systems for Color Measurement, LED Characterization, Fluorescence Chemistry, Raman, LIBS and much more.