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StellarNet, Inc.

Our team of StellarNet Sales & Support Scientists are always available to help you out! Whether you have been using StellarNet instrumentation for years OR just began investigating new spectrometer technology, we will help you get exactly what you need and up and running in no time!

US Sales & Support Team 2018
Holiday Party!

We have added another StellarNet US sales team member. Welcome Stephanie Boxel!  

Now you can purchase your favorite StellarNet Spectroscopy Instrumentation Online using your credit card! Online Store It is still recommended to consult with our spectrometer experts above to make sure you are configuring the best solution! And not all options are available Online

StellarNet, Inc.
14390 Carlson Circle
Tampa, Florida 33626


Same Day Quotations

Shipping is typically within 1 week ARO!

StellarNet Technical Sales and Support Team

Our Technical Sales & Support Engineers are available to help configure the perfect system for your application!

Jason Pierce
813.855.8687 x 15

David Parrino
813.855.8687 x 20

Kimberly Quinones
813.855.8687 x 11

Ty Nordstrom
813.855.8687 x 24

Stephanie Boxel
813.855.8687 x 17

Debra Persell
813.855.8687 x 10

Michelle Davies
813.855.8687 x 11

Ryan Mathews
813.855.8687 x 10

Mark Peterson
813.855.8687 x 10

Sebastian Gondor
813.855.8687 x 19

Zach Carlson

Ava Grubman
813.855.8687 x 23 

Will Pierce
813.855.8687 x 12