Installation Tutorial – Linux

  1. Unzip the StellarPro application folder.
  2. Place StellarPro Executable in the Desktop or at your desired location.
  3. Right click on the executable and click on permission tab and allow Read and Write permission for Owner, group and others, also check for Execute as show in picture below.
  4. The StellarPro application requires “sudo” permission. Follow the steps below to run the StellarPro Application
    1. Open the “Terminal”
    2. In the terminal, type “sudo ” then drag the StellarPro executable to the terminal OR enter the StellarPro executable path, then press “Enter”. For example, the command will be:
                     sudo ‘home/<username>/Desktop/StellarPro-V1.1(BETA)’
    3. The terminal will prompt for a password. Enter the password and press “Enter” to run the application.