Customize a PDF report

Only administrators have the privilege to customize the PDF report. Following the steps below, you can easily tailor your PDF reports to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

  1. Login into an administrator account.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings”
  3. Expand the “Additional Save Options & Settings” tab.
  4. Expand the “Custom PDF” tab.
  5. You’ll find a list of customizable report items.
    1. Header: Leave it empty for no header. Alternatively, use the “<Application>” text to display the selected application name.
    2. Logo: Enable the checkbox to include a logo. You can replace the default logo by clicking on the image and selecting your desired logo.
    3. Title: Enable the checkbox to include a title in the report. Once enabled, you can use the “<Application>” text to automatically insert the application name.
    4. Username: Enable the checkbox to include the logged-in username in the report.
    5. Today’s Date: Enable the checkbox to include the current date in the report.
    6. Screenshot of the Current Application: Select this checkbox to capture and include a screenshot of the application.
    7. Data Info: Customize the display and save options for the PDF by configuring the checkboxes in the “Display / Save PDF / MQTT” column under the “Applications” tab. The same settings will be applied to both the application window display and the MQTT publish.
    8. Footer: The footer is not configurable and is reserved for StellarNet copyright and StellarPro version information.
  6. Once you have made your desired customizations, you are ready to generate your personalized PDF report. Simply navigate back to your application and save the report.