Raman App

The Raman app is specifically designed to represent spectrometric data in Raman Shift space. Raman Shift is a term used in Raman spectroscopy to describe the shift in wavelength or frequency of light due to Raman scattering. The Raman app utilizes this concept to plot and analyze spectrometric data in the Raman Shift space.

By representing the data in Raman Shift space, the app allows users to observe and analyze the Raman scattering patterns specific to their samples. This space provides valuable information about the molecular vibrations and interactions within the sample, enabling the identification and characterization of different chemical compounds and materials.

Through the visualization and analysis of spectrometric data in Raman Shift space, the Raman app offers insights into the unique spectral fingerprints and vibrational signatures of the samples, facilitating various applications such as material analysis, chemical identification, and scientific research.

App Settings

The App Settings of the Raman app include a checkbox for Raman Shift, which enables the graph to be displayed in Raman Shift space instead of the default wavelength space. When the Raman Shift checkbox is selected, the app automatically detects the appropriate excitation wavelength for the laser used in the measurement. This ensures that the graph accurately represents the Raman Shift information.

However, users also have the flexibility to manually enter the relevant excitation wavelength in a designated textbox . This feature allows users to customize the excitation wavelength based on their specific experimental setup or requirements. By entering the desired excitation wavelength, the app adjusts the graph accordingly, enabling users to analyze the spectrometric data in the desired Raman Shift space.

This capability of the Raman app to switch between wavelength space and Raman Shift space, along with the option to input a custom excitation wavelength, enhances the flexibility and adaptability of the app for diverse Raman spectroscopy applications.