SpectraWiz Permission Settings, File Extensions, and Locations

Run as Administrator

SpectraWiz software and the StellarNet drivers are located in your -> C:\Program Files\StellarNet\SpectraWiz directory and often need to be accessed by running as administrator. Be sure you have proper administrative settings turned on for successful access.

Virtual Directory

Some versions of Microsoft create a virtual directory when NOT running as administrator located-> C:\Users\yourcomputername\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\StellarNet\SpectraWiz

File Extensions

SSM = SCOPE mode file
TRM = Transmission mode file
ABS = Absorbance mode file
IRR = Irradiance mode file
EPX = Episodic mode file
.cal = Calibration mode file
.icf = Irradiance Calibration File = Calibration mode file in use
sw.ini = main software settings configuration file