Launching the ChemWiz Software

The handheld system’s software, named ChemWiz Pro, is located on your system’s home screen and can be launched by pressing the icon.

This is the same App that is found on the Google Play and Apple Store for our WiFi-enabled spectrometers; however, we have tailored the graphics for an 8″ touchscreen and upgraded and added many new features, such as continuous mode, snapshot, & multi-file review. You can acquire full spectrum chemical analysis and the concentration of solids, liquids, and powders with the appropriate accessories.

You are also able to measure absorption in real-time, create calibration methods and predict concentrations. You are able to save scope spectra, spectra, absorbance, and concentration data, and prediction results. Then you can export this information as .SSM, or .PRED or .ABS text data files, screenshots, and/or PDF reports with all the parameters listed. An integrated halogen light and included CUV-HH snap-on magnetic cuvette holder are included. There is the option to add a transmission dip probe for in-situ measurement and/or a snap-on reflectance fixture (RF-HH) for solid or powder samples.