SpectraWiz Status Bar

Observe the system indicators appearing below the graph in the status panel.

  • SCOPE:
Currently selected mode (also TRANS/ABSOR/REFS/IRRAD)
  • Wave: 
Wavelength at the data cursor location
  • Pix: 
Location of the data cursor (0-2050 pixels)
  • Val: 
Magnitude/value at the data cursor
  • Time: 
Detector integration period in milliseconds (ms)
  • Avg: 
Number of samples averaged
  • Sm: 
Pixel smoothing
  • Z: 
An x-axis zoom has been performed
  • Y: 
A Y-rescale or Y-zoom has been performed
  • Y: 
Y-zoom mode has been enabled
  • Tc: 
Temperature compensation on/off
  • Xt: 
XTiming resolution control selected 
  • Ch: 
Shows which channel is selected