SpectraWiz View Menu

  • Scope mode:
Displays uncompensated/relative spectral data
  • Absorbance mode: 
Requires dark & reference for AU
  • Transmission mode:
Requires dark & reference for %T also used for reflectance, etc.…
  • Irradiance mode:
Requires dark & Displays Watts, Micro-Watts, Lumens, Moles, fc
  • Ref spectra:
Display of reference spectra minus dark
  • Channel:
Switches between multiple spectrometers when connected
  • Multi-Graphs:
Display all channels on one spectral graph
  • Snapshot:
Freeze display or run in real-time
  • Wave Ratio:
Select 2 wavelengths for ratio display
  • Y scale:
Setup max y-axis or set Y to log scale
  • Zoom:
X- and y-axis area to be displayed
  • Graph Trace as:
Overlay, 1st, or 2nd Derivative, and more options