Launching the StellarRAD Software

The handheld system’s software, also named StellarRAD, will be located on your system’s home screen and can be launched by pressing the icon.

This is the same App found on Google Play and Apple Store for our WiFi enabled spectrometers; however, we have tailored the graphics for an 8″ touchscreen and upgraded and added many new features, such as
continuous mode, snapshot, and multi-file review.

The StellarRAD software allows users to capture basic and more advanced light measurement parameters such as spectral irradiance and LUX (lumen/m^2). Colorimetric analysis such as CRI (color rendering index), CCT (correlated color temperature), xy chromaticity, and much more are included. Easily save and export your data and full spectral graph as an .IRR text data file, screenshot, and/or PDF report with all parameters listed.