ColorWiz Measurement Procedure

  1. Turn on the StellarRAD+Color’s main spectrometer engine (right side power button) and tablet (top).
  2. Turn on lamp source (left side button) and allow 2-3 minutes of system warm up.
  3. Launch the ColorWiz App.
  4. Verify software and spectrometer engine connection.
  5. Place the white RS50 white reflectance standard on the fixture and collect a spectrum.
  6. Verify your Device Settings are properly set and your white light reflectance spectrum is optimized. Typically, 225ms integration time, 5 sample averages, and 3 smoothing are best for most color measurements. These settings should be saved to your systems configuration file and automatically be set upon system initialization. If they are not, you can easily re-set the parameters and exit the software and they will automatically be updated.
  7. With the RS50 on top of the reflectance fixture, turn off the lamp source and press the Take Dark Spectrum button.
  8. Turn the lamp source back on and click the Take Light Spectrum button.
  9. The ColorWiz App should automatically take you to Transmission mode. Allcolorimetric values should be updated with each measurement and displayed in the list tab. View CIE chart tab, and RGB color swatch tab for dE values.
  10. Save Data as .SSM, .IRR, Screenshot, or PDF report with all parameters listed.
  11. Saved Data can be loaded as your Color Reference in the App Setup menu.
  12. Share via E-mail or transfer via USB. Note: if you share via email and change the WiFi network you will have to re-connect to the device in order to begin collecting spectral data again.