Create Administrator Account

  1. Double click on the StellarPro Icon to start the application. A Login page will appear
  2. Now it is time to create an administrative login. In the sign up page, choose “SIGN UP”
  3. Next toggle the radio button for Administrator and fill in your information
  4. To the right of the Administrator radio button, a bubble will appear with a zero in it. This is a security pass-pin which ONLY users/employees who are allowed administrative access should be clued in on how to use. 
  5. The administrator pin is the number for the day of the week according to the computer’s clock multiplied by 3.
    • Monday = 1
    • Tuesday = 2
    • Wednesday = 3
    • Thursday = 4
    • Friday = 5
    • Saturday = 6
    • Sunday = 7
    • Therefore, if today is Wednesday, 3×3 = 9, so the 0 will be replaced with a 9 to allow account creation. Click on the zero to overwrite the zero with the appropriate code.
  6. Click Create Account and the program will register a sign-up success. Note: All accounts are created and stored locally.
  7. Now choose “LOGIN”. Fill out your account credentials and choose remember account if you want the program to automatically fill in your account credentials.
  8. After the login button is clicked, a device driver prompt will appear to install the Python driver for the spectrometer. Choose “Next>” to continue the installation. Note: The program will automatically uninstall the Python driver and restore the SpectraWiz driver when the program is terminated. On the next startup of StellarPro, the same Python driver installation popup will be prompted. The user can keep the Python driver by navigating to the Settings page in StellarPro and unchecking “Restore SpectraWiz Driver When StellarPro is Closed.”.
  9. The Installation will progress to completion. Choose “Finish”
  10. The program will open
  11. If no spectrometer is present, a prompt with “No device found” will appear.    
  12. You can operate some functions of the software without a spectrometer. This message is a sign that the login credentials are correct, but that a spectrometer was not found upon initialization of the software. The status bar at the bottom of the program will also indicate if “NO DEVICE” is present. Plug in your spectrometer and choose “Re-connect the spectrometer(s)”  to connect a spectrometer after clicking “OK” to clear the “No device found” prompt