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Now available for all spectrometers, the zAP2 upgrade adds an integrated wireless CPU with Wifi access to your spectrometer. This features allows you to cut the cord and access multiple spectrometers around your facility at once!

Additionally, on board computing offers the capability to automate and stream applications and turn your spectrometer into a portable wireless analyzer with real world data output such as % concentration, CIELAB color values, UV or total light power, or just about anything you can dream of.

Production line Color or NIR Composition Analysis

Lamp Intensity monitors for PAR, Lumen & CIELab

Or maybe your application or your research requires you to access hard to reach locations…

How would you use a Wireless Spectrometer?

What apps would you want or need? Another way to ask is: What would you do if your spectrometer could be run wirelessly? Submit your answers below to win a StellarNet string bag. The top wildest application ideas will be listed in the next newsletter!

StellarNet Customer Contest - zAP2 Wireless Application Ideas