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Yanjie Song, Graham Teakle, Robert Lillywhite

 Published: 21 February 2023 | Warwick Crop Centre, School of Life Science, The University of Warwick


The main goal of this study was to explore the role of red/far-red light in the preservation of postharvest quality in cherry tomato fruits and the mechanism of red/far-red light in regulation of lycopene synthesis. Results showed that red/far-red light irradiation inhibited weight loss and promoted colour change during storage, and it also increased the content of lycopene and β-carotene compared to control. Gene PSY, ZDS and LCY-b were overexpressed in fruits treated with red/far-red light during 33 days’ storage compared to control. The analysis of genes involved in red/far-red light absorbance (PHYA and PHYB) and mediation (HY5 and PIF3), and fruit ripening (ACS2 and RIN) suggests that red/far-red light promote lycopene accumulation through phytochrome-mediated signalling pathway to induce HY5. Elevated HY5 could either directly bind to PSY or promote the expression of ACS2 to induce RIN through MADS-loop to enhanced lycopene content.

Keywords: Cherry tomatoes, Red/far-red light, Nutritional quality, Lycopene, Gene expression

… The light intensity and spectrum were measured at the three-quarter fruit height level using a light spectroradiometer (StellarNet Inc, USA) at the beginning of the experiment …

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