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Luminescent and scintillation properties of the Pr 3+ doped single crystalline films of Lu 3 Al 5-x Ga x O 12 garnet
V Gorbenko, Y Zorenko, T Zorenko, T Voznyak… – Radiation Measurements, 2016
FEB 2016

The Pr3+ d–f luminescence was investigated in the single crystalline films (SCF) of Lu3Al5−xGaxO12:Pr garnet solid solution at x = 1–3, grown by the liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) method from the melt-solution based on the PbO–B2O3 flux. The shape of CL spectra and decay kinetics of Pr3+ ions in Lu3Al5−xGaxO12 SCFs strongly depend on the total gallium concentration x and distribution of Ga3+ ions between the tetrahedral and octahedral position of the garnet host. The best scintillation properties of Lu3Al5−xGaxO12:Pr SCF are achieved at the nominal Ga content in melt-solution in the x = 2–2.5 range.

  The CL spectra were measured at room temperature (RT) using an electron microscope SEM JEOL JSM-820, additionally equipped with spectrometer StellarNet’s with TE-cooled CCD detector working in the 200-925 nm range.

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