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J Zmojda, M Kochanowicz, P Miluski, GC Righini… – Optical Materials, 2016

The optical properties of novel antimony-germanate glass and optical fiber co-doped with Yb3+/Tm3+/Ho3+ ions were presented. White light luminescence in glass was observed as a result of energy transfer with upconversion between donor (Yb3+) and acceptors (Tm3+, Ho3+) ions under 976 nm excitation. The double-clad optical fiber with off-set core co-doped with Yb2O3/Tm2O3/Ho2O3 system was fabricated using a modified rod-in-tube technique. In glass co-doped with 0.5 mol%Yb2O3/0.1 mol%Tm2O3/0.2 mol%Ho2O3 the spectral distribution of three luminescence bands (478, 545 and 660 nm) corresponds to x = 0.35 and y = 0.32 CIE coordinates. In comparison to glass the optical fiber emission are located in the green region (CIE, x = 0.37, y = 0.49).

The characteristic temperatures of the glasses were measured on the SETARAM Labsys DSC thermal analyzer. Spectral absorbance measurements of the glasses were performed using the Stellarnet GreenWave spectrometer with Si detector in the range of 0.3–1.1 μm.

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