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H Ishii, M Nagase, N Ikeda, Y Shiba, Y Shirai, R Kuroda… – SENSORS, 2016 IEEE, 2016

A high sensitivity compact gas concentration sensor based on the ultraviolet (UV) light absorption spectrophotometry employing charge amplifier circuit is developed in this work as inline gas concentration monitoring system for electronic device manufacturing lines. The developed sensor was verified to be useful for concentration monitoring of metal organic (MO) gases including Bis(cyclopentadienyl)magnesium(Cp2Mg) with a high accuracy and a high reproducibility for 10ppm to 0.036% concentration range, where there was no in-line gas concentration sensor sufficiently applicable to this gas before.

Cp2Mg absorption spectrum was measured by attaching UV fiber light source (Hamamatsu
Photonics KK, L12515) and fiber multichannel spectroscope (Stellarnet Inc., Blue-Wave) in
the developed gas cell. Cp2Mg is a solid at the room temperature, Fig.

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