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Dr. Dan Boye of Davidson College has purchased several of StellarNet’s educational spectrometer systems. “We’re applying them in one class in particular for non-science majors,” he said. This class is called “Sights and Sounds, and it looks at the similarities and differences between sound, light, and our physicals senses of hearing and sight. Dr. Boye says “It’s fun – I love teaching it! We look at how science detects sound and light versus how we detect as humans – and that’s where we use the spectrometers.” In the class, students take the spectra of various items such as the sun, colored objects, and materials that fluoresce.    


StellarNet was chosen to provide the educational spectrometer systems for the class after an extensive evaluation process, and were chosen for the best price and support. When asked if StellarNet had lived up to its support promise, Dr. Boye said, “Absolutely! You guys all definitely talk to each other, from all parts of the company. That’s a refreshing change from other, larger suppliers. Kim (Kimberly Quinones- Senior Technical Sales) has been especially great at keeping in touch with us, making sure everything is working out.” 

To learn more about Dr. Boye’s research and teaching, go to StellarNet also offers a lab book of 6 educational experiments written for first year collegiate students – Learn more about our Back to School FREE educational spectrometer special lasting through the end of this month.