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Happy New Year from your StellarNet team! We have been working hard to bring you some fantastic new spectrometer technologies for 2023. We plan to introduce our new releases and, over the next several weeks, we will reveal more specifications and applications for our new spectrometer offerings. This year we have a new virtual exhibition and spectroscopy hangout where you can learn all about our new products and meet our team.

New Quasar High Throughput Spectrometer

The Quasar comes with our new high throughput f/2 optical design for Raman spectroscopy with increased photon collection over 10x! This translates into taking spectroscopic measurements 10x faster, reducing noise, and increasing detection limits astronomically.

SMA-Lock Spectrometer Input

Introducing our new keyed spectrometer and fiber optic cable locking system to allow repeatable placement of the fiber optic tip to the spectrometer entrance slit placement. Minor variations due to fiber optic adjustment can be reduced to <2%.

Near-Infrared for All Wavelengths

Your favorite DWARF-Star NIR spectrometer is now available in new flavors. Our most popular and highest-performing range of 900-1700nm is now joined with several other extended range wavelength ranges for a complete portfolio of NIR to suit all your NIR application needs.

StellarPro Software!

Drum roll, please… Now combining features of your favorite SpectraWiz software with advanced tools and an App style interface, be prepared to have your mind blown. More to be revealed soon, stay tuned!

More information about all of our new 2023 spectrometer technologies has been posted to our our 2023 Virtual Exhibition and Spectroscopy Hangout