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StellarNet, Inc. a global provider of low cost compact spectrometer instrumentation, is releasing its flagship research grade concave grating spectrometer, the BLACK-Comet, with thermoelectric coolingBLACK-Comet-TEC-Press-Release options. These add-on coolers reduce the temperature of the CCD to 15 degrees below ambient and increase instrument S/N drastically by reducing noise over 50% at long exposures. This upgrade improves the compact spectrometer’s measurement quality and makes it a perfect solution for fluorescence and other weak emission applications.

The StellarNet line of BLACK-Comet spectrometers utilize a holographic concave grating with aberration correction to provide superb spectral imaging. This significantly improves spectral shapes by reducing coma and astigmatism found in all other plane grating miniature spectrometer designs. The flat field spectrograph architecture does not utilize mirrors and therefore drastically reduces stray light effects while providing uniform resolution across the entire spectral range. The ability to add a TEC option to the BLACK-Comet spectrometer allows customers to have the best of both worlds- optical performance and noise reduction!

In order to achieve low temperatures the TEC add-on includes a new sealed and isolated detector enclosure with specialized heat sink and air flow design for added stability and cool operation. Additional popular concave grating models such as the BLACK-Comet-C/CXR cover 190-850nm and BLACK-Comet-SR models 200-1100nm ranges in one instrument. BLACK-Comet-TEC RMS noise reduction chartStellarNet now offers research grade performance at a great price! Add a TEC to your BLACK-Comet today for just $1,650! for a quotation today or get in touch with your local StellarNet representative.