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StellarNet Inc., Tampa FL, USA

The SpectroRadiometer Test Report Software now enables customers to display and print all of the relevant test data StellarNet LED Test Report- Utilitech Cool Whiteon one sheet making quality control and R&D efforts much more efficient.

The FREE VBA based software is built into a MS Excel spreadsheet and it automatically loads your spectrometer’s calibration coefficients and irradiance calibration data upon starting the program. With a click of a button you can acquire a complete spectrum of your test light source and view its spectral distribution with an under the curve wavelength color representation view which can be helpful when showing a “non-technical” person how much of a certain color is represented in the measured light source.

The test report also shows the CIELAB diagram with the xy/u’v’ chromaticity values automatically updated for your light. Additionally, CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), PAR, dominant wavelength, and % color purity are calculated.  The software also includes NIST created calculations for CRI (Color Rendering Index) and CQS (Color Quality Scale) and total power measurements in Lumens, Watts, or associated irradiance values with efficiency and efficacy values calculated as well based on your input electrical parameters.

The software is compatible with all 32/64-bit Windows configurations and can be run using most versions of excel including 2003/2007/2010/2016. The StellarNet main software package, SpectraWiz, must be also installed on the local computer.  SpectraWiz contains more advanced features such as multichannel configurations, time series data collection, SpectroRadiometer Re-Calibration, built in Solar match monitoring, UV
analysis modes and much more!

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