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StellarNet is now offering a Windows 64-bit only Device Driver Wrapper written in C++ for StellarNet spectrometers.  The standard swdll.dll is considered a mix-mode driver and will install without problems on both 32-bit and 64-bit computer operating systems.  However, if a user attempts to compile their own customized 64-bit only program there is often problems with the mixed mode solution. Now OEM customers and software developers can easily compile their 64-bit only software programs using the new 64-bit Device Driver Wrapper.

The interface consists of a new DLL installed in the StellarNet program directory which allows user written 64-bit compiled programs to access the mixed mode spectrometer driver. The DLL duplicates the interface of the mixed mode driver and all of the functions are available. The code is compact and readily callable by applications written in C/C++ and other languages. The driver has been tested on the StellarNet BLUE-Wave series of spectrometers but should be useable on all others using the swdll.  The wrapper has been tested on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.1 and can access multiple spectrometers at once. In addition several utility functions have been provided to allow easy retrieval of spectrometer identification and calibration coefficients embedded in the StellarNet spectrometer firmware. There is also a utility function that will return the timestamp of each spectrum returned.

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