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Low Cost SpectroFluorometer Systems


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SpectroFluorometer Systems  Onlineshop

  • Research grade Fluorescence Systems for a wide range of applications requiring the highest sensitivity
  • Spectrofluorimeter Systems include a high performance spectrometer such as the SILVER-Nova, excitation source, and cuvette holder or probe
  • Higher Signal to Noise is achieved by using a spectrometer with an integrated Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) maintained at –15 °C from ambient
  • High Power UV & VIS LEDs for excitation at a variety of wavelengths
  • New! SILVER-Nova-TEC-X2 2-stage eXtreme TEC for -30 deg cooling & 80% noise reduction

SpectroFluorometer System consisting of High Sensitivity SILVER-Nova TE Cooled Spectrometer, CUV-F, and the SL1-LED excitation source

StellarNet’s line of research grade fluorescence systems are designed for a wide range of applications requiring eXtreme sensitivity.  Choose from our research grade BLACK-Comet with concave grating optics or our high performance SILVER-Nova with Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC). Sample types include powders, liquids, films and surfaces and there are options for cuvette, probe, and/or flow cell accessories. As always, StellarNet instrumentation is built modularized, compact, and rugged for field, process, or lab environments.

The compact spectrometer is the main component of the system and is preconfigured with high throughput optics and a larger entrance slit, low noise circuit design, and an ultra-sensitive detector array  for extreme low-light level detection from 200-1100nm.

blackBLACK-Comet concave grating spectrometers have ultra low stray light and enhanced sensitivity due to their superior grating technology. As opposed to the industry standard Czerny Turner optical design used in most miniature spectrometers, which employ mirrors and a plane grating, the BLACK-Comet’s concave grating is the sole element in the optical grating design, thus reducing the amount of surfaces in the light path. Scattered light is thus drastically reduced to 0.02% at 435 nm and 0.2% at 200 nm. The BLACK-Comet grating has an f-number of f/2 which provides nearly 4-5 times the system light collecting ability compared to competing models with f-numbers of f/4 and f/5. Additionally, the aberration corrected grating provides broadband uniform resolution and excellent spectral shapes. BLACK-Comet TEC models with advanced cooling options will be available in 2016!

silverStellarNet’s SILVER-Nova wide range spectrometer includes an integrated thermo electric cooler (TEC) added to the detector array to maintain -15 °C from ambient and achieve a +/-0.1 °C temperature stabilization increasing the S/N ratio by 60% at long exposure times, thus dramatically enhancing the instruments dynamic range. Also, the SILVER-Nova contains a large detector lens assembly increasing photon collection ability by 3-4x with 600 and 1000 micron diameter input fibers. These design optimizations make the SILVER-Nova TEC spectrometer one of the premier miniature spectrometers for low light detection.

StellarNet fluorescence systems are rugged and shock-proof with no moving parts and are suitable for field applications, factory and industrial conditions; even perfect for a standard laboratory benchtop!

LED option

Miniature fiber optic light source with replaceable LEDs and nose cone. LED-Kit includes a set of 6 LEDs: LED-390, LED-470, LED-502, LED-590, LED-660, LED-white. UV LED options available for excitation at 295, 345 and 365nm.

Fluorescence Excitation Sources

The SL1-LED fluorescence excitation source includes a nose cone assembly with an LED kit consisting of 6 LEDs plus a White LED. LEDs can be easily exchanged without any wiring changes, just pull one out and push the next one in. Each LED can be used to induce fluorescence in many experiments. 470nm LED works best for Riboflavin (vitamin D). Other wavelengths can be found more optimal for use with different species chemistry.

The SL3 Deuterium Light Source – emits a deep UV spectral output over the 190- 450nm range and higher. Add a DCX Lens Option to increase the deuterium lamp intensity x7 times!

Fluorescence Accessories StellarNet Systems also include high efficiency fluorescence accessories for a variety of samples including solids, liquids, powders, films and surfaces.

R600-8-UVVIS-SR is a Fluorescence Probe for UV and visible wavelengths with 7 optical fibers bundled around 1 600μm collection fiber.  For fluorescence measurements the 7 exterior fibers are illuminated by a high output power light source (SL1-LED, SL3, or other) and the interior fiber is the read fiber that collects the low light emission and returns the signal to the spectrometer

Flow Cell

Mini Fluorescence Flow cell

The CUV-F is a fiber optic cuvette holder for SL1-LED excitation with 2 collimating lens for measuring fluorescence. F600Y fiber included for dual pickup. Note: SL1-LED light source and spectrometer are also pictured

The MFFC is a mini fluorescence flow cell that has a fiber optic cable input to send excitation energy through a fused silica window into a 2-mm inner-diameter sample compartment. Emitted energy is collected by a second fiber, oriented at 90°, that connects to a spectrometer configured for fluorescence.

StellarNet low cost Fluorescence Microscope

Fluorescence Microscope

The StellarSCOPE™ Fluorescence Microscopy Accessory comes equipped with an Olympus research microscope with 4, 10, & 40x objectives, CMOS 1.3 Mpixel Camera, optical switch, and required SMA couplers & attachments to couple with a standard StellarNet Fluorometer System

temperature controlled cuvette holder

temp controlled cuvette

The CUV-TEMP is a temperature controlled cuvette holder for fluorescence & absorbance measurements from -30 °C to +105 °C. Price includes qpod sample compartment, two imaging lenses, two collimating lenses, two mirror plugs, submersible pump, cover with access cap, tubing, cables and a stir bar

StellarNet Spectrometer Cuvettes

fluorescence cuvettes

The QCV-5F is a package of 5 Quartz fluorescence cuvettes with 1cm path length


BLACK-Comet Concave Grating Spectrometer, CUV-F cuvette holder, and SL1 excitation source. CUV-F is a fluorescence fixture that includes a large base to accommodate the SL1-LED excitation source. Includes 600 micron Y-fiber for dual pick-up for x2 signal gain in fluorescence detection.

Fluorescence System-SILVER-NOVA-CUVF-SL1LED

SILVER-Nova TEC Spectrometer, CUV-F cuvette holder, and SL1 excitation source. CUV-F is a fluorescence fixture

SpectroFluorometer Sample Spectra

Powder Lanthanide complex luminescence using BLACK-Comet spectrometer and R600-8-UVVIS-SR fluorescence probe with 7 optical fibers bundled around 1 600μm fiber. For fluorescence measurements the 7 exterior fibers are illuminated by a high output excitation source such as our SL1-LED and the interior fiber collects light emission and returns the signal to the spectrometer. Inline filters can be added to the system to remove excitation frequency artifacts.

Fluorescence of an RMB – StellarSCOPE System configured for fluorescence microscopy. View micron spot size of fluorescence with SL1-LED and SILVER-Nova

Item Miniature Fiber Optic Spectro Fluorometers Price
BLACK-Comet Concave Grating spectrometer for UV-VIS. C (190-850nm) or CXR (280-900nm) $2,950
BLACK-Comet  “SR” Super Range Concave Grating spectrometer for UV-VIS-NIR. C-SR (200-1080nm) or CXR-SR (220-1100nm) $3,495
BLACK-Comet TEC Upgrade Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) upgrade for low light LED testing to improve measurement sensitivity and detection capability. TEC reducing noise effects over %50 at long exposures and includes a sealed and isolated detector enclosure with specialized heat sink and air flow design for added stability and cool operation. $1,650
 SILVER-Nova High Sensitivity “Super Range” spectrometer for 190-1110nm.  Price includes slit, UV detector upgrade, detector lens assembly, integrated order sorting filters, composite grating mounted in large optical bench for wide range, included TE cooled detector, and USB-2 interface cable. Standard TE cooler maintains 15 degrees below ambient with 50% noise reduction.  $4,495
Silver-Nova-TEC-X2 High Sensitivity “Super Range” spectrometer with eXtreme 2-stage TEC upgrade for 190-1110nm. The 2-Stage thermoelectric detector cooler maintains a constant -30 degrees below ambient and reduces noise effects by over %80 at long exposures (<3000ms). TEC includes a sealed and isolated detector enclosure with specialized heat sink and air flow design for added stability and cool operation.  $7,445
Excitation Sources and Fiber optic accessories
 SL1-LED Miniature fiber optic light source with replaceable LED’s. Includes LED-Kit with set of 6 LEDs for390nm, 470nm, 502nm, 590nm, 660nm, and white (UV LED options available for excitation at 295, 345, and 365nm- check for availability) $695
 SL3  4,000 hour 15-watt UV Deuterium light source Hamamatsu L2D2 (190-450nm), small 3 x4 x7 inch enclosure, ultra stable for spectroscopy  $1,745
 CUV-F Cuvette holder for SL1-LED, includes F600 Y-fiber  $765
R600-8-UVVIS-SR Fluorescence/Reflectance probe for UV and Visible; 7 around 1 with 600um fibers. $595
F600-VISNIR Armored 2 meter fiber optic cable attaches Receptor to SpectroRadiometer $160
F600-UVVIS-SR Armored Solarization Resistant 600um fiber optic cable – 2 meters $190
 F1000-UVVis-SR-1 Armored Solarization Resistant 1000um fiber optic cable – 1 meters  $210
 Lens-QCol Collimating lens, UV/Vis  $145

Free SpectraWiz Softwaresoftware The powerful SpectraWiz® spectrometer software is provided free of charge with every spectrometer instrument. This includes drivers and customizable software for Windows. The SpectraWiz software is considered the “Swiss Army Knife of Spectroscopy” and may be used to accurately measure wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations, and absolute intensities. In addition to real-time spectroscopy, SpectraWiz® has built-in applications for SpectroRadiometry, SpectroColorimetry, ChemWiz chemistry lab concentration analyzer, and UV level monitors. Download SpectraWiz Software FREE

ChemWiz App & ChemWiz Application Development Kit (ADK)

  • Application panel works with live spectra to allow concentration calibration using single wavelength PLS
    Samples and Scores Plot ChemWiz Chemometric Predictor

    Post Processing- Samples and Scores Plot ChemWiz Chemometric Predictor


    Episodic Data Capture for Kinetics

  • Load previously developed PLS chemical calibrations for concentration display of unknown samples
  • Episodic capture for kinetics and time series analysis
  • Performs single wavelength linear PLS calibrations
  • Ideal for in-line batch and on-line process monitoring

For more information about the FREE SpectraWiz Software Suite and all our other customizable full source codes and programs click on the picture links below!

DWARF-Star-NIR Spectrometer
Additional NIR spectrometers can be coupled to the system for extended range and detection into the near-infrared

Mini NIR Spectrometer 900-1700nm

Mini NIR Spectrometer 900-1700nm

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