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OEM Spectrometer Solutions

Develop your integrated spectroscopy solution with us today!

StellarNet’s wide range of miniature spectrometers and complete line of light sources, optical fibers, and sampling accessories combine with software development tools to enable easy integration of various optical sensing techniques into end user systems.  Any of our standard products can become your OEM solution.  Below we have outlined several of the most popular OEM spectrometer models as well as all of the software and integration tools you may need!

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OEM Success Start Here

OEM applications are our specialty. Each OEM starts with a thorough evaluation of your application and an initial system purchase. Our OEM sales engineers will help you configure the perfect spectrometer for your end goals.

By letting our technical sales scientists know that you are a potential OEM during initial discussion, we can provide you with all the information and tools you will need. With over 20 years of experience and industry knowledge our team is here to find you the quickest and best path to achieving your OEM goals.

BLUE-Wave OEM Spectrometers

Blue Wave miniature spectrometerThe BLUE-Wave spectrometers are the standard choice for OEM. Wavelength range and resolution requirements can be easily selected from the table below. BLUE-Wave spectrometers are recommended for process monitoring applications where throughput and collection speed are top priority. New and improved electronics with a high speed 16-bit digitizer allow for fast data acquisition and signal to noise of 1000:1. Additionally, the compact size (25 x 75 x 125mm) makes system integration easy! Any BLUE-Wave spectrometer can be custom configured for specific wavelength ranges for OEM applications. Contact a StellarNet sales engineer to discuss your specific requirements.

BLUE-Wave Models Wavelength Range  (nm)
UV 200-600
UV2 200-400
UV3 220-350
UVIS 300-1100
VIS 350-1150
VIS2 380-780
NIR 500-1150
NIR2 600-1000
NIR2b 785-1150
NIR3 550-840
NIR3b 680-935
NIR4 500-700
NIR4b 600-800
UVN 250-1100
UVNb 200-1050
BLACK-Comet Concave Grating Spectrometers

black-caveThe BLACK-Comet Concave Grating spectrometer is also recommended for OEM use. This unit provides flat field detector imaging for continuous focus and uniform resolution across the wavelength range while minimizing stray light. No other miniature spectrometer on the market offers the advantages of the BLACK-Comet Concave Grating PDF. This unit is slightly larger in size (69 x 100 x150mm) than the BLUE-Wave and offers options for an integrated thermoelectric cooler.

BLACK-Comet Models

Wavelength Range (nm)









DWARF-Star NIR Spectrometers

StellarNet’s NIR spectrometer, the DWARF-Star, is small, robust, and equipped with high performance InGaAs detector array for the 900-1700nm wavelength range and achieves resolving resolutions to 1.25nm. The DWARF-Star features no moving parts and is packaged in a small rugged metal enclosure (5”x3”x2”) for portable, process, and OEM applications. Advancements in electronic and optical design have allowed for size reduction never before achieved in a NIR spectrometer. Go to DWARF-Star webpage.















NIR-Micro OEM Spectral Sensors

These RED-Wave-micro spectral sensors (1750-2150nm) overcome the limitations of traditional linear array based spectrometers by utilizing innovative MEMS based Fabry-Pérot tunable filter technology. Due to their compact size and low cost, they are an ideal solution for advanced sensing application. These spectral sensors are designed for harsh industrial applications and they offer extreme ruggedness even in the most demanding environments. Go to NIR-Micro webpage.

FREE Software Tools- a Developer’s Heaven

The powerful SpectraWiz® 32/64 bit spectrometer software is provided free of charge with every spectrometer instrument. For OEM customers, StellarNet includes drivers and customizable software for operation in WinXP/VISTA/7/8/10.

The SWDLL.DLL is the 32/64 bit SpectraWiz® spectrometer driver for use with popular Windows software such as Borland Delphi, Microsoft C/C++, National Instruments LabView, VisualBasic, and Galactic Industries Grams/32. The software required to interface with these other packages is included free of charge as part of the SpectraWiz® operating software shipped with each unit.

We have sample demo program source code available free of charge for software development using StellarNet spectrometers.

  • LabView source codes
  • Delphi (Pascal) source code
  • VisualBasic source code
  • Microsoft C/C# source code
  • VBA for MS Excel
  • Linux

StellarNet LabVIEW program is a fully functional customizable spectroscopy program. The LabVIEW programming environment allows rapid customization to adapt the software to any application. Current features include setting of all instrument configuration parameters, plotting of spectral data in Scope mode, Absorbance mode, Transmission mode, and even Irradiance mode. In addition, a time series function is built in that enables the user to select independent wavelengths and follow them as a function of time. This time series data can be exported to file and post-processed for kinetic parameters. In addition to the Spectroscopy Suite, basic VIs are available that allow the user to integrate StellarNet’s spectrometer into their existing LabVIEW application.

StellarNet also offers the customizable StellarNet VBA program for MS Excel that instantly grabs and graphs data from spectro (SWDLL). Setup and run from Excel in absorbance, transmission, or scope mode. With our VBA modules, you can rapidly customize your spectral analysis to meet your unique research requirements. You can integrate this module’s data acquisition capabilities into your existing analytical spreadsheet, thereby enabling acquisition and analysis of spectral data without leaving the Microsoft Excel environment. Create custom reports, calculate and graph absorbance or percent transmission, all at the push of a button. It’s all here and more importantly, it is included free with your StellarNet spectrometer.