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  • Broadband Spectral Irradiance Measurements
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  • Low Cost Raman Solutions for 532, 785, 1064nm and many custom wavelengths
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  • Rugged - Low Cost - Research Grade
2015 Dual System Promo1 Broadband Spectral Irradiance Measurements2 Rugged Analyzer Systems3 Low Cost Raman Solutions for 532, 785, 1064nm and many custom wavelengths4 Save Big with our 2015 Dual System Special5 Rugged - Low Cost - Research Grade6 7

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Low Cost Integrating Spheres &
Radiometric Accessories
Light Measurement Systems
Mini SpectroRadiometers
- LED Measurement Systems
- Laser Measurement Systems
- Solar Measurement Systems

- Display Measurement Systems
- General Purpose- UVa, UVb, UVc

- NIST Traceable Cals & Lamps

App Archive
Check out who's using our Spectrometers

Learn About Applications
Who uses our Spectrometers
Take a look through the current customer application section to see who uses miniature spectrometers and learn about what they do with StellarNet low cost spectrometers. Detailed application papers and links will keep you interested for hours!

BLACK-Comet Spectrometer
UV-VIS-NIR Concave Gratings
StellarNet is the inventor of the first miniature & rugged concave grating spectrometer. The BLACK-Comet provides near perfect spectral imaging on the CCD array with a flat field to produce uniform focus and resolution across the range. No mirrors provides the lowest stray light possible.

SERS Substrates


Raman Spectrometers
StellarNet Low Cost Raman
StellarNet offers a complete series of spectrometers configured for Raman spectroscopy applications that perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples. Low cost Raman lasers, & microscope systems also available.

785 & 1064nm
Raman Lasers

Super Range 200-1100nm

Thin Film Analysis Systems SpectroRadiometerSystems
Thickness Metrology Dual DSR for Extended Ranges
StellarNet is now offering a low cost film measurement system. Supports multilayers (to 8), freestanding, rough, and both thick and thin layer structures. Includes large Library of Materials Data! Combine StellarNet spectrometers for continuous extended range analysis (200-1700nm) with fiber optic cable, cosine receptor (or sphere), then add our calibration service and you have a complete spectroradiometer system. Great for solar monitoring, lamps, and general lighting of all types.
Miniature NIR Spectrometers
NIR InGaAs PDA detectors
Offering 512 & 1024 element detector arrays for 900-2300nm. Portable instrument with x10 gain switch and integrated TEC cooler for eXtreme stability and PAT. New low noise Super Range RED-Wave-NIRX-SR now available.
Plasma Monitoring
The first portable low cost battery operated trace element analyzer for lab and field applications. Elemental emission from a laser created plasma provides quick and easy sample identification.
NEW SILVER-Nova Free SpectraWiz Software
For UV-VIS-NIR  Applications  Spectroscopy Software
Most well rounded spectrometer model providing range 190-1110nm and included TEC and detector lens assembly for unmatched sensitivity and performance. Call our sales engineers with your requirements! It's like a "Swiss Army Knife" of spectroscopy application tools that include customizable LabVIEW and VBA Excel programs and more
  Mini Rugged Spectrometers StellarNet Support Online
Although you may never run over your instrument with a SUV or attach them to rockets, StellarNet instrumentation is built rugged a robust for any application. Technical Support 
Check out StellarNet's new online technical support!!!

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