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Compact Rugged Spectrometers from 190-2300nm


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1064nm Raman Spectrometer Systems

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Research Grade Sensitivity
TE Cooled Concave Grating Spectrometer

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Raman Spectrometers

StellarNet offers a complete series of compact spectrometers configured for Raman applications that perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples. Low cost Raman lasers, SERS, & Microscopes

Black-Comet Spectrometers

StellarNet is the inventor of the first miniature & rugged concave grating modular spectrometer. The BLACK-Comet provides near perfect spectral imaging on the CCD array with a flat field to produce uniform focus and resolution across the range.

Amazing FREE Software

SpectraWiz® Spectroscopy Suite is like a “Swiss Army Knife” of spectroscopy applications!  Also, check out our customizable programs and sources for LabVIEW, VBA, C, C#, VB as well us add-on chemometrics options and other specialty packages.

StellarCASE Systems

Portable and low cost Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Raman, and Near-Infrared Analyzer systems for lab and field spectroscopy applications. Elemental, molecular, and quantitative composition analysis is now quick and easy.

New Products

StellarCASE-NIR™ Plastic sorting application using SpectraWiz-ID spectral matching software Raman Lasers- StellarNet offers a variety of modular lasers for Raman spectroscopy at 405, 532, 638, 647, 785, 1064nm and other custom wavelengths

StellarNet News

Application Note – Low Cost & Portable Raman Spectrometer Analysis of Pharmaceuticals


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